Media Appearance


Southern Zephyr Corporation offers the use of our 1950’s Art Deco Railcar Silver Palm for film and photo shoots.



  • Exterior shots: Basic video rate for our railcar is $1,000.00 per day with a two day minimum.
  • Interior shots: Basic film rate is $1,200.00 per day with no minimum.  Small production and still photography starts at $750.00 per day, assuming an eight (8) hour shoot.


Additional Railcars

Go Pullman

Through arrangements, the following additional cars and locomotive can be combined with the Silver Palm for a complete 1950’s streamline passenger train.


  • Silver Crescent – 1940’s Domed Observation Car from the California Zephyr. Car includes the bullet observation area, under dome Lounge Bar and famous glass dome.
  • Observation Car 254 – 1940’s Art Deco Lounge-Bar Car from the Atlantic Coastline Champions.
  • Silver Vale – 1950’s Sleeper from Denver Zephyr.
  • Seaboard Diner – 1940’s full service Diner from the Silver Meteor.
  • Seaboard Lounge Car 6300 – 1940’s Table Lounge Car with full Bar from the Silver Meteor.
  • Southern Pacific 10-6 Sleeper – 1950’s Sleeper from the Coast Daylight.
  • Silver Slumber – 1950’s Economy Sleeper from the Denver Zephyr.
  • Belle Glade – 1940’s Coach from the Atlantic Coast Line.
  • Silver Stag – 1950’s Baggage Car from the California Zephyr.
  • CB&Q Engine – Fully operational EMD E-9 passenger locomotive from the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad, with full head end power system.


For more information and price quote for still and video shoots, please contact:


Director of On-Board Services